~ since 1875 ~

Architecture of Hotel Inglaterra

Hotel Inglaterra is the oldest in Old Havana. Founded in 1875, this hotel dressed the singular elegance of the elects.

This hotel with neoclassic architecture style, with elements that give it a touch of originality like is it the neoclassical magnificence of its facade in harmony with the Mudejar strong accent of its interior decorations.

Hotel Inglaterra, built with refulgent mosaics from Alicante and especially adorned with embossed grilles brought from Seville, Spain, today they can even be enjoyed like sample of a harmonious group.

Its roofs and interiors show a range of adornments of the Mudejar architecture with stained-glass windows, heraldic symbols and even a bronze statue of Carmen Bizet, the famous Spanish dancer made by the Marquess of Perrinat.

We should also point out that in each one of the tables of the Coffee Shop El Louvre we have a permanent sample of the contemporary plastic art, where paintings of some of the best Cuban artists are showed, among those that figure: Flora Fong, Manuel Mendive, Zaida del Rio, Sigfredo Ariel, Nelson Domínguez…

Its interior snack bar is style Seville flooring with the golden statue of a flamenco dancer that we think it belongs to the Spanish famous courtier of the XIX century "El Bello Otero". The rest of the ground floor of the Hotel Inglaterra is also wastefully adorned, with chandeliers, dark glasses, ornaments of figured iron, the marble floors and the modeled roofs.

Nigel Alexander Hunt

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